Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A little about me....

Originally trained as a scientist but always with an interest in literature and teaching, I have been imparting the English language on unfortunate souls since 2009.
Upon arrival in Santiago Chile with no home, no language and no job, I was taken in by Grant's English, a small independet school specialising in teaching business English to small classes of adults.
About 18 months later I graduated (probably somewhat prematurely) to the position of Academic Director, and now supervise a team of 18 teachers. A year into the job there is a hectic relatively predictable cycle of hiring, training, organising classes, juggling schedules, putting together workshops and trying to stay on top of paperwork.
Recently when I was preparing a workshop on tack based learning I stumbled upon the concept of teaching unplugged. The more I read the more excited I became, someone else does it the same as me, and my method has a name! In an effort to become more connected to this wonderful world of sharing of knowledge I have decided to jump in, and document my thoughts on the matter here in a blog. I hope to share my experiences and reflections both as a teacher and Academic Director.
And the reason for the name? I am a kiwi, one of 4 million flightless birds that just love to travel!!

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